Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I know I know! But it is true.....

We really are still aware of the fact that we have a family blog! Let's face it though, when summer time calls .....we answer!! So hence the absence! Here are a LOT of pictures to catch you up on our summer!
Elli Kate is growing like a WEED!
She started walking at 10 months...woah! Now she is into EVERYTHING!!
She LOVES watermelon, playing in the mud, walking always, smiling and scrunching up her tiny nose, dogs (any size) this child has NO FEAR! yogurt, her mommy (smile), playing games with her daddy, and outside!
She does NOT LIKE cutting 4 teeth at one time, veggies, having her diaper changed, any food that is not sweet (she comes by that honestly I'm afraid), walking on the grass!

Misti and Jed's Wedding in Pampa, America!
Try saying no to these's VERY difficult! One might use the word...spoiled!
Falling asleep before we got to do our sparklers on the 4th of July!

Here we are in Colorado....We love it!

We are trying to squeeze in a few friend trips in these last few weeks as well as have Elli Kate's birthday party the weekend before school starts!
Aaron and I both got new jobs, and we are SOOO excited about them! I will be moving to Irons Junior High to teach and coach (all in town games, less time and stress= more Elli belly time) and Aaron will be the varsity asst. basketball coach at Lubbock High School! We are also selling our house and moving into a little bit bigger one across town. So YEA! for change, and THANK YOU LORD for your crazy, fun, undeserved blessings!!

Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt His name together!Psalm 34:3

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